Genius GS-4500 Scanner

Linux Device Driver

The current version is 2.4e. (It also works with the GS-4500A and the Highscreen Greyscan 256.)

Driver for Linux 2.4.x (gs4500-2.4e.tar.gz)

Driver for Linux 2.2.x (gs4500-2.2a.tar.gz)

Driver for Linux 2.0.x (gs4500-2.0.tar.gz)

If the quality of your scans is poor, try using the scanner with an IRQ assigned.

Note: I don't have a MS-Windows driver for the GS-4500 and I have no plans to create one.

Genius GS-4500 Hardware

Since the GS-4500 is a pretty old scanner, many owners don't have any documentation on it. Maybe this page can help.

Programmer's Reference

GS-4500 Interface Card

Memory Bank Selection

The top part of the jumper section selects the memory bank to use.

DMA and IRQ Settings

The bottom part of the jumper section selects the DMA channel and/or IRQ to use.


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