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 Linux on a Dell Inspiron 2200
Dell Inspiron 2200 To have Linux take full advantage of the built-in hardware in a Dell Inspiron 2200 it needs a few tweaks.
Read about my results...
 Barcode Database
EAN Database Barcode database with 50 million EAN, UPC and ISBN barcodes. It also has an API for your apps and websites.
Visist ean-database.info
 Generate Geo Tags
Geo Tags Use this tool to generate geo tags for your web page to be found by local serach engines.
Generate Geo-Tags

Google maps mashup: ccTLDs of the world

 Konica KD-200Z Digicam
Konica KD-200Z Get your Konica KD200Z or Minolta DiMAGE E-203 digital camera running with Linux 2.4.x.
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 Linux Driver for Genius GS-4500 Scanner
GS4500 Scanner To operate this handheld scanner under Linux, you will need my kernel module. Some information about the scanner hardware is also included.
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 Search for Books by ISBN or Keyword
ISBN Search This is a simple tool to find a book by ISBN number or keyword search. The search is available in many languages:
 GNU Gatekeeper, a free VOIP Gatekeeper for H.323
GNU Gatekeeper HomepageOpenH323 Gatekeeper - The GNU Gatekeeper - has moved to a new domain: GnuGk.org

Manage your H.323 Voice-Over-IP network with this free VOIP Gatekeeper or get GNU Gatekeeper Support here.

 German - Farsi Dictionary
Farsi W÷rterbuch A user supported online dictionary German - Farsi (in German).
Visit farsi.free-dict.de or the English version.
 Old Buildings in New York City
New York Skyscrapers I am fascinated by the old skyscrapers of New York City. View my gallery of pseudo old photos.
 Hagenuk Speed Dragon
Hagenuk Speed Dragon Get some tools for this small ISDN PBX and learn how to configure it under Linux. Or maybe you want to create your own tools with my C++ library.
 Linux Icons
Linux Use these penguin icons for all your Linux related stuff. Available as GIF and PNG images or in Windows .ICO format. Also great as favicon.ico!
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 Jan Willamowius: German Pages / Deutsche Seiten
Willamowius Lesen Sie auch die deutschen Seiten Řber Badminton in Hamburg, Rezepte und noch mehr.
Willamowius - Deutsche Seiten...

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