Configuring KDE for a Special EMail Client

Suppose you want something other than KMail to handle your mailto links in Konqueror. How does one install an EMail client that is used by all KDE programs ? How does it get passed other mailto parameters like a subject or CC ?

Setting the Preferred EMail Client

Go to Settings/Network/EMail and enter the program you want to start instead of KMail, eg. Sylpheed or elm.

That was easy. Now you need to figure out how to pass it the parameters associated with your mailto links. To do that you can use the following placeholders in you command line:
%Bmessage body

Known Bugs

In KDE 3.0.0 to 3.1.1 not all placeholders are subsituted with values depending on how many spaces are between the arguments to your mail client. KDE 3.2 seems to be fine.

If you are willing to compile KDE yourself, you can use this patch for KDE 3.0 to fix the problem (it's in kapplication.cpp that goes into



Sylpheed (with buggy KDE)sylpheed --compose mailto:%t
Sylpheed (using all parameters)sylpheed --compose mailto:%t?cc=%c&bcc=%b&subject=%s&body=%B
Evolutionevolution mailto:%t
elm (start in terminal)elm %t -s %s
Mozillamozilla -compose attachment=%A,subject=%s,to=%t,body=%B

Please let me know if you have more or better examples.

When everything fails

When everything else fails and you just can't get KDE to start your mailer, you can try to replace kmailservice with a version that starts your mailer hardcoded.

Here is my version for Slypheed: Download

Compile it with

cc kmailservice.c -o kmailservice
and place it as root where the KDE version of kmailservice used to be (and rename the old version).


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