Lifetec 9415 TV Card

Linux Device Driver

To get sound, you'll have to modify the source code of bttv module. This patch applies to Linux 2.2.18. It will add a new card type 20 that works with the Lifetec 9415. Linux 2.4.x works out-of-the-box.

Compile the module and add the following lines to your /etc/conf.modules:

options bttv    pll=1 card=20 radio=1
options tuner   type=1
post-install bttv /sbin/modprobe "-k" tuner ; /opt/kde/bin/kv4lsetup
The kv4lsetup is optional, but I need it to initialize the card properly for kwintv.

Alternatively you can upgrade your bttv module to version 0.7.51 or above and use card type 54.


The windows program I got with the card didn't work at all. If you use this cards.ini file you can use FreeTV 1.10 with the Lifetec card.

But I'd suggest you keep on using Linux and kwintv.


Last updated: 08. Jul 2014
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