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Custom extensions for HTML::Template

HTML::Template is a very flexible templating toolkit. But what if you need something thats not currently supported ? Well, there is a little know hook for custom filters to implement new features.

This can be used for example to implement includes via HTTP for HTML::Template.

The (tar archive) module provides access for Perl scripts to the OpenGeoDB data. It mainly provides means to calculate all zip codes in a given radius around a certain zip code. See POD documentation for usage.

In case you have trouble with the tar archive, here is also a zip archive.


The module Finance::Currency::Convert will convert currencies and lives on the CPAN archive. The POD documentation is also on CPAN.


The module Finance::Currency::Format will format amounts of money in different currencies for display. Do "perldoc" to read the POD documentation.

MySQL Tools

See the MySQL Tools page for new versions of mysql_explain_log and mysql_explain_slow_log.

Script to Help Find Unused Variables

Use to find my variables in your Perl scripts that are initialized, but never used. Note that the variables found may be unused, but you should double-check manually!

Perl Icon for SNiFF+

Use this icon for your Perl files, if you are using the free Perl parser for SNiFF+. It's much nicer the the supplied P.

SNiFF+ Perl icon

(If you are using SNiFF+, you might be interested in my SNiFF+ extension for Eiffel.)


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