Linux Drivers for Handheld Scanners

This is a list of drivers for hand scanners available for Linux. It is probably incomplete and more or newer versions may exist.

Please let me know if you have more information on available drivers or tried (un)successfully one of the models I'm unsure about. It is also important for me to know which scanner models are identical, so existing drivers can be used for them.

A4 Tech AC 4096a4scan.tgzworks
A4 Tech AS-8000Pa4scan.tgzworks
Genius GS-B105Ggs105-0.0.1.tar.gzworks
Genius GS-4500gs4500-2.4e.tar.gzworks
Genius GS-4500Ags4500-2.4e.tar.gzworks
Highscreen Greyscan 256gs4500-2.4e.tar.gzB/W and dither works
Genius GS-4000gs4500-2.4e.tar.gzplease try
Genius ScanMate/256gs4500-2.4e.tar.gzdoes not work
Genius ScanMate/Colorgs4500-2.4e.tar.gzdoes not work
Genius EasyScan gs4500-2.4e.tar.gzdoes not work
Mustek M105m105-scan-0.1.9.tgzworks
Mustek HT800 Turbom105-scan-0.1.9.tgzworks
Mustek Matador 105m105-scan-0.1.9.tgzworks
Mustek Matador 256m105-scan-0.1.9.tgzworks
Conrad Personal Scanner 64m105-scan-0.1.9.tgzworks
Conrad P105m105-scan-0.1.9.tgzworks
Pearl 256m105-scan-0.1.9.tgzworks
Mustek CG 8000scan-driver-0.1.8.tar.gzdoes not work
Logitech Scanman+logiscan-0.0.4.tar.gzworks
Logitech Scanman 32logiscan-0.0.4.tar.gzworks
Logitech Scanman 256logiscan-0.0.4.tar.gzworks
Mustek CG-6000was on, but is gone now
try SANE
HS1000 (200 dpi b/w)

Note: The Mustek drivers work only with GI1904 interface cards. Eric Chang has created a patch to use them with IF960 interface cards.

In theory all these drivers are compatible on the ioctl-level, so all scanning applications that work with one of them should work with all others as well. In practice some do and some don't... If somebody has tried scanning applications with different drivers, I'd like to include this information.

No driver works so far for:

  • Escom 256 (= Primax Lector Premier 256)
  • Genius ScanMate/256
  • Genius ScanMate/Color
  • Genius EasyScan
  • Mustek CG 8000
  • Trust Ami Scan

Where to get the drivers:

And here are some scanning programs:

More Info

You should also check out the SANE project for more scanner drivers.


Last updated: 19. Nov 2013
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