Linux Tools for Hagenuk Speed Dragon / Power Dragon / Surf M.A.X. / Speed Viper

The Speed Dragon is a very nice small ISDN PBX. Here you'll find a box of tools to use it under Linux and to do some custom programming in C++.

As far as I know the Speed Dragon, Power Dragon and Surf M.A.X. have exactly the same programming interface (AT mode), so everything said below should apply to all models. It also works with the Speed Viper, but the hardware has some limitations.

I wrote a few command line tools for the Speed Dragon:
sd_monitorcall monitor that shows all calls (not only those that didn't get answered like the caller list)
sd_listdisplay and optionally clear the caller list (Linux only) - version 2.1 fixes the timer overflow if the SD hasn't been rebooted for a long time

You can also use the included C++ class library to write your own tools. The main use of the library is to provide the foundation for QtDragon, a KDE GUI tool to configure the Speed Dragon.

The library was tested on Linux and Win32 and most tools will run without change on both platforms. On Windows you'll need Visual C++ 6.0 to compile.


Version 2.5 of the tools and library are available as tar archive or as ZIP archive .

Please let me know when you create new tools !

The Undocumented (!) System Monitor in the Speed Dragon

While experimenting with the Speed Dragon I found a number of undocumented Commands for the internal system monitor that is built into the Speed Dragon. Here is a document that describes those undocumented AT&HP commands. (Sorry, German only!)


Here you'll find a number of hardware hacks for the Speed Dragon.


Last updated: 19. Nov 2013
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