What's new ?

30 Dec 2011My own solutions to Boost book exercises
7 Sep 2009Update for the Speed Dragon tools to compile with current gcc (4.3.x)
27 Aug 2007New Tool: SPF checking for Sylpheed or Claws Mail
24 Aug 2007New Goole Maps Mashup: Country code TLDs of the world
28 Aug 2006New project: SIP Tools
06 Jul 2006New page: Extending HTML::Template for includes via HTTP
03 Jul 2006New generator for geo tags added
14 May 2006New page: MySQL tools added
04 Mar 2006OpenGeoDB module for Perl updated for OpenGeoDB 0.2.4a
26 Oct 2005New Page: Linux on a Dell Inspiron 2200
25 Aug 2005New page: Network Monitoring with Spong
24 Aug 2005New pages: Ein Browser für Eiffel und Framework-Evolution
1 Jul 2005New page: Mit ElsterFormular durch eine Linux-Firewall (German)
17 Jun 2005New page: Schulbücher suchen
27 Feb 2005Bugfix for the Speed Dragon tools
28 Jan 2005New page: text-based HTML export filter for OpenOffice Impress
9 Jan 2005Instructions for using WPA-PSK under Linux on a Dell Inspiron 1150 added
3 Jan 2005Badminton page updated (Videos etc.)
3 Apr 2004New page: Running Linux on a Dell Inspiron 1150
29 Mar 2004Google Adwords filter updated for new layout
16 Feb 2004OpenGeoDB module for Perl updated (bugfix)
16 Oct 2003New Perl module to access OpenGeoDB data
21 Aug 2003New page how to block text ads with Privoxy
28 Jun 2003Offer a replacement kmailservice to start your favorite mailer with KDE
20 Jun 2003Started a new page about an old road: Altona-Kieler Chaussee (German)
20 Jun 2003It's GIF liberation day: Converted the penguin icons to GIF
7 Jun 2003New page about Florida
5 Jun 2003New recipe Gulasch mit Cashew-Nüssen (German)
1 Jun 2003New Doo Wop Music page started
29 May 2003New Java section
26 May 2003New recipe Risipisi Inge-Dore (German)
10 Mar 2003 New page to search for song titles and CDs
28 Jan 2003 New page about Configuring KDE for a Special EMail Client
12 Jan 2003 Updated the Speed Dragon tools for gcc 3.2
05 Jan 2003 Added page with pictures of old buildings in New York City
08 Dec 2002 Added ISBN search in Japanese, Arabic and French
26 Oct 2002 Added ISBN search in Spanish and Italian
15. Sep 2002 Expanded the Badminton page
3. Aug 2002 The Open H323 Gatekeeper has moved to www.gnugk.org
3. May 2002 New page about the Konica KD-200Z camera and a patch for the Linux 2.4.18 usb-storage driver
28. Apr 2002 New page to search books by ISBN number on Amazon
30. Mar 2002 I need help finding an obscure bug in the xscan utility for the GS-4500 driver
22. Dec 2001 Fixed PNG version of the Linux icons for MS-Windows so they will work in IE
17. Dec 2001 New page: Euro Test
29. Jul 2001 Updated the GS-4500 driver one more time


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